Monday, June 13, 2005

Recovering well....

Well its 2 weeks and one day since I had emergency surgery to fix a strangulated hernia. Now tomarrow I go back to my part time office job. Its only 14 hours a week so I think I can handle it. This has been my 4th, count em...1...2...3....4 4th hernia surgery and I have had about enough! BUT......this time around I think has been the most painful and yet quickest recovery I had. The first week after surgery was just pure hell for me. Then my second week was very painful but I could tell I was getting better. Now I am driving and going back to work :)
Julie has been such a blessing to me through all this. Tomarrow she will be doing her radio gig on 90.3 WJTL from 7-8am. I am soooo proud of my baby! You go girl!!

Friday, June 10, 2005

I missed a good show....

Because I am recovering from surgery I missed a really good show last night in Harrisburg. Before I had surgery I bought tickets to see "Glenn Beck on ice". If you dont know who Glenn Beck is, he is a conservative radio talk show from Philly. This guy is hilarious!! He doesnt just talk about whats going on with our elected officials, he talks about everything. As his show states, "its the fusion between enlightment and entertainment". If you can check this guy out.
Well, anyway my buddy told me about it tonight. Man I wished I could have gone. It sounded like a great time. His show is on from 9am til noon on most am radio stations. He is one of my favs, well him and Sean Hannity are my favorites. :)
One of the things he talked about, he knows this pretty famous author and when he was asked how he got famous he replied, "because my parents told me I was great, when I went to bed they would say, good night..Mr. President, so I believed I was going to be great". I really liked that :) I will want to remember that!
But today I am a little bit better than yesterday, so maybe next time he comes around I might be able to go.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Time to get into Blogging

Its been how long since I've blogged?? Oh my!!! Well its June 8 I am recovering from an emergency hernia surgery and I am done with school! Yes I get paid for the summer from my school job. And the other thing thats happening around the Fidler household is my wife just released her first book yesterday. I am soooooooo proud of her. Yes things are a little exciting right now so keep us in your prayers please.
If you havent heard the name of my wife's book is "Adventures in Holy matrimony". Its a story about us and its a very personel story. I gave her my blessing to write about my personel problems cause I hope it will help someone that is going through the same thing. Hey I gotta jet! I will be back later.
And as always, Keep one foot in the gutter and one fist in the gold (old headbangers ball saying, for those that were into 80's hair metal like me. LOL

Monday, February 21, 2005

No more dentist!!

Just kidding, its been since Thursday since I had my teeth fixed at the local hospital. I had 2 root canals, 1 extraction, a bunch of fillings. Yes I was very scared to go to dentist.So now I am left with big time headache and teethache. But this is promised to go away after a couple days. Day 4 and i still have pain.
Anyways, I go next Monday to get my perm teeth in front. I cant wait! I can finally be able to smile again :)
And since i been out of it, I havent been at school since last Wednesday. But I go back tomarrow for an inservice day. Meaning, no teachers just me in classroom doing busy work. Whatever!! At least i get to listen to one of my favorite radio programs. Well, Sean Hannity is my fav but I really like listening to Glenn Beck. He has some real good things on his radio program. So, anyways I am out. Peace!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Some basics...

Now that I found a new hobby I guess I should properly introduce myself. I am currently 33 years old. I work with emotionally disturbed teenagers in high school. I really do like my job a lot. It took me years to find a job I liked.
Anyways, I grew up very poor. I lived with my brother and my mom. My dad past away when I was only 3 years old, but I actually do remember him. My mom worked a factory job 40 hours a week and a part time job 20 more hours a week. And my mom lost a lot of jobs because of me :( You see I was a very sick child. I had severe allergies and was put in hospital a few times. But my momma raised me right. I look up to my mom a lot, she is a hero to me. Because now she is dealing with a lot of health issues. She sacrificed so me and my brother had a decent childhood.
We moved in with my grandma when I was 10, and I got real close to my grandma. She passed on 2 and a half years ago and I still miss her like crazy. She used to call me her "little angel" :) Thats how I grew up.
And oh yeah, please forgive me if my sentences run or if I misspelled something. When I did my first post here I was excited to tell Julie, but when I showed her she said " Cool, but you misspelled this and this shouldnt be here" Ok Ok Ok I get it. I suck at English LOL But this is fun!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Back from my doctor.

I got back from my doctor this afternoon, and I have good news. He said that the diverticulitis I been dealing with is "gradually" going away. Gradually?? I will take that!! I been in sooo much pain in ab area the past few months and to hear my doc say "it looks like its gradually going away" is so awesome!! Thanks for all the prayers!!
He did say that if it comes back one more time I will have to get part of my intestines removed. Yuck! But hey...God is still good :) He is my God and I know He is taking care of me. Even if I feel crappy...I know that I know that I know !! I feel some preaching coming!! AMEN Brother!! Wooo God is awesome!
I will be trying to Blog everyday now..this is really cool. I want to post here about all the goodness of God. And I got some stories to tell.
Till tomarrow..adios! And GOD BLESS YOU! Yes YOU!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Me?? A doormat?? Maybe grass, but no doormat.

Yes it must be snowing somewhere cause I am finally posting to my blog! Anyways I heard talk lately that I been a doormat? I must say my wife is right, I am a doormat. I feel used, I feel wiped on. But you know what, she was my doormat too. And I will admit that. I been a crappy husband, I know Julie says how wonderful I been, but honestly I was a preety bad hubby too. I was a jerk...and sometimes still am. I am working on that right now. And I know we will continue to work on this blessing called a marriage. And because I know I been a jerk the past couple years I cant wait till this weekend and Valentines Day to show my baby what I really feel about her! I love her and I am sure she will be talking about it in her blog somewhere ;) At least I hope so.